Restube automatic Drone Floating Device

Restube Automatic Drone Emergency Floating Device

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Restube automatic: The safety buoy for your drone
Restube automatic is a yellow-coloured buoy, inflating itself in seconds with a CO2 cartridge. Immediate buoyancy is 7.5kg, therefore Restube can easily save drones up to 6,5 kg take-off weight. Heavier drones should be safe and sound with more Restube automatic devices to ensure sufficient buoyancy.

Smaller drones up from 1kg carrying capacity are strong enough to bear a Restube automatic with its weight of 240grams only. For instance, a DJI Mavic Pro weighing 750 grams has a carrying capacity of more than a kilo. There are lots of Youtube videos demonstrating the carrying capacity of different drones. The larger the drone, the easier the flight without being affected by additional weight. Flight time greatly depends also on weather conditions such as wind and outside temperatures.

Restube automatic is enclosed in a pocket not larger than a smartphone. The easiest way to attach Restube automatic with your drone are two simple zip ties. They are extremely light and you can connect Restube tight. This is important not to change the flight quality. Be sure that the rotor blades do not touch Restube.

The function of Restube automatic is demonstrated in the video. Every Restube automatic can be reused by simply changing the CO2 cartridge. Instructions are printed on every buoy.

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